ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing

This course is intended to take you through a Transfer Pricing process using ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing.


After the conclusion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamental features and functionality of Documenter.
  • Effectively manoeuvre within the various components of Documenter.
  • Set up a new master file and local documentation file including legal entity information, organisational structure charting, full editor documentation option, etc.
  • Establish new transactions and provide detail around related party transactions and functional analysis.
  • Establish a comparable benchmarking set and viewing comparable information, this will include:

-  searching Industry codes;
-  utilising filter criteria effectively;
-  establishing a manual comparable companies (where applicable);
-  utilising bulk rejection criteria;
-  reviewing and assessing comparable information including business descriptions, income statement, balance sheet and profit level indicators;
-  selecting or setting up custom Profit Level Indicators (PLIs) and viewing the range of results; and
-  exporting and printing final benchmarking report.

  • Assign benchmarking set to particular transaction and setting up segmented financial information (where applicable).
  • Establish working capital adjustments (where applicable).
  • View adjusted arm’s length range.
  • Set up transfer pricing methodology discussions.
  • Establish, export and print final master file and local documentation file.


A basic understanding of transfer pricing and accounting.

Target Audience:  To All ONESOURCE Transfer Pricing users who currently have a user login to the platform and those who will be either accessing the solution or preparing transfer pricing documentation.