ONESOURCE Corporate Tax Australia



This training session is intended to take you through an annual tax provisions and tax return process using ONESOURCE Corporate Tax.  The modules covered during the session are:

Administration and Business Structures

This module provides users with the skills and knowledge to effectively administer users and security, create entities and group structures, and setup and maintain charts of accounts and mapping templates within ONESOURCE Corporate Tax.

 Tax Effect Accounting

This module provides users with details regarding the tax effect accounting schedules within ONESOURCE Corporate Tax in order for them to understand the way in which it works within the balance sheet based Tax Effect Accounting standard.

 Single Entity – Income Tax Return

This module provides users the skills and knowledge to setup calculations, import or manually enter financial data and prepare the statement of taxable income for entities within ONESOURCE Corporate Tax.  It also provides information on how to prepare the required ATO Forms and generate these for lodgement.


This module provides users with the skills and knowledge to view and calculate the consolidated taxable income/(loss) position and to make the required consolidation adjustments.